Best Paper Cutters In Review

4. Fiskars Bypass Trimmer
Dahle 446 Premium Rolling Trimmer, 36-1/8" Cut Length, 25 Sheet Capacity
With this paper cutting machine, you do not need to find a replacement blade. This is because the blades themselves are sharp. This blade is so sharp that you can cut 10 sheets of paper in one pass.

For safety, storage and transportation purposes, the FSK01005452 bypass paper trimmer performs an arm locking design.

Due to the use of eBay's grid and precision printing scale, you can be sure of the accuracy and alignment of this product.

There is a paper jam to hold the paper for proper alignment and to protect the paper against stains. This bypass trimmer has rubber feet at the corners to prevent the machine from slipping during use and increase stability.

The basis for this specific paper trimmer comes from the recycled 100% post-consumer resin. The standard cut length of this Fiskars paper trimmer is 12 inches each with a weight of 50.4 pounds and dimensions of 14.1 "x 20.1" x 2.6 ".

5. Amzdeal Paper Cutter Guillotine Paper Cutter / Trimmer

The design of this particular brand of paper cutter is derived from innovative ideas and consumer contributions.

Heavy duty machine that can cut paper for commercial use. This machine comes with a steel side gauge for machined 1/32-inch resolution measurements.

The innovative rail base is 100% steel and can be reversed to accommodate large documents and large documents. The base of this paper cutter has all steel heavy duty designs and is protected against wear with an abrasion resistant coating.

Amzdeal Paper Cutter The guillotine paper cutter is made of 20lb bond with a thickness of 400 sheets. It weighs 19.5 "x 19" x 7 "and weighs up to 36 pounds.

This paper trimmer is for large-scale production because its rugged architectural design is for professionals. The operation is not complicated, it is strong, and the frame is well balanced. There is also the presence of metric and standard measurements and powerful blade assemblies. All construction is professionally machined steel pedestal and rail.

6. Dahle 446 premium rolling trimmer, 36-1 / 8 "cut length, 25 sheets capacity

This paper cutting machine is the current standard of paper trimmer design. Accuracy and safety are summarized in this model due to the cutting blade surrounded by a plastic housing. This type of safety measure does not allow you to be personally injured.

The blades have a swivel action design that allows sharp cutting and turning during the cutting operation. This feature guarantees precision, smoothness and precise, precise cuts for long periods of time.

The Dahle 446 Premium Rolling Trimmer is a special design for heavy duty applications that requires precision and precision. Burr-free precision allows precise and successful cutting in any direction on lightweight fabrics.

The reason for the cutting ability is due to the solid structure of the square aluminum rod that provides guidance. With only a small amount of activity on the cutting head, the load exhibits the highest strength.

Dahle paper cutters are only 44 pounds in 44 1/8 "x 15" dimensions. Photographers, graphic design agencies, office professionals, copy and print shops can successfully use this machine.